Team Nominations for the 2019/20 season are now closed.

Team nominations are now closed and the first round of the season will be held on Friday 18th and Sunday 20th of October.

If you are not already in a registered team then please do not register on MyFootballClub. Please contact the NCF Secretary, Karen Mann for information about the wait list.

If you had registered using MyFootballClub in previous years, please have your Football Federation of Australia (FFA) number and password handy. If you can’t remember either of these, options to search for an FFA number and/or reset your password are provided as part of the MyFootballClub registration process.

How to Register

To register:

  1. Go to the Play Football website:
  2. Click on “Player” > “Register Now” – “Register to Play”
  3. Select “Player Registration”
  4. Follow the prompts to proceed to login pages, find your FFA number and/or reset your password
  5. Login using your FFA number and password

Note: It is recommended that you use a current web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox or Safari) to register using MyFootballClub. Internet Explorer is not recommended as it has been associated with the display of duplicate invoices (if this happens to you make sure you only pay one!).

More information about using MyFooballClub can be found in the Registration Information page 5.


The only method of payment from this season moving forward is online via credit card when you register. If you would like to organise a payment plan instead please contact us directly.

What your Fees Cover

  • Capital Football and Football Federation of Australia fees (these include player and volunteer insurance);
  • online registration costs;
  • court hire and NFC running costs; and
  • end of season awards.

More information

Due to the on-going growth of futsal in North Canberra the NCF Committee has made some changes since season 2018/19’s to increase participation, improve the administration of the competitions, ease the work load on the volunteer committee and hopefully improve the experience for all involved. We hope that no one will miss out on playing this season but we are capping competitions at 12 teams in each division from U10 -16 age groups. In the non-competitive age groups, U7-U9 there will be no team capping but teams may be limited by venue capacity.

This season we will continue only being able to take team registrations. We will not be able to find individual players a team. Team registrations for the 2019/20 season opened on Monday 12 August 2019 and closed on Sunday 15th September 2019. You can be placed onto a waiting list for teams looking for players but we will be unable to make up teams from individual players or find teams for you as we are expecting very high registration numbers again this season.

Additional registration information, please visit Documents page.