Season 2015/16 News

Hot Weather

As stated in the North Canberra Futsal HOT Weather Policy (refer Attachment D in the North Canberra Futsal – Competition Manual) it is recommended that all players drink water or a sports drink:

  • at least 500 mls (two standard cups) 30 minutes before the game;
  • at least one cup at half-time; and
  • while sitting on the bench.

To keep cool:

  • use damp towels;
  • a spray bottle for instant cooling; and
  • remove shin pads immediately after the game.

Coaches should also ensure that they do not “over-play” players – if any player is showing signs of heat distress they should be substituted as soon as possible. Visit this link for more information.


For answers to most questions about the competition please refer to the North Canberra Futsal – Competition Manual.

Capital Football

Football-Connect Futsal Fives provides players with the opportunity to continue their football throughout the warmer months and play indoor football in a fun, fast paced and friendly environment. Futsal Fives is open to players of all abilities and requires no previous experience. Visit this link for more information.