Futsal is on again this weekend

Just a reminder that North Canberra Futsal games are back on again this weekend. Please check your draws as there have been some changes in some competitions.
We are heading into Round 6 and will have two more rounds before the season breaks for the summer school holidays. The last round of games before the break will be on Friday December 14 and Sunday December 16.

Let’s hear what players have to say about bad sideline behaviour

Unfortunately every season we have issues with bad sideline behaviour. We want you to read some of the things that kids say about it:
  • I want to play because it’s fun and I want to learn and improve. I can’t do that if people are yelling at me.
  • Adults shouting are embarrassing, please don’t do it.
  • If I make a mistake I know, you don’t have to point it out. Don’t criticise me for it, it makes me feel bad.
  • Don’t shout at the referee, that’s embarrassing for me too. They are allowed to make mistakes too.
  • Don’t ask me about the score, I like winning but I play because it’s fun and we all know you can’t win all the time.
  • I want my parents and my coach to be happy and proud of me no matter what the score is.

NCF wants all coaches, parents and spectators to remember that our players are children who want to enjoy the game and they can’t do that if adults are yelling at them. Please just let them play.

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