Last Round of Games and Finals/Play-Offs

What’s Happening at the End of the Season

Competitive Age Groups U10-U18

This weekend February 15-17, sees the last round of the regular season for the competitive age groups from U10-U18. After this round draws will be updated to show semi-finals (1v4 and 2v3) and play offs (5v6, 7v8, 9v10, 11v12) to be played in round 12, February 22-24. Draws will be updated by Tuesday February 19. All teams will have a game except for competitions where there is a bye (the last placed team will miss out). Games in round 12 will be at your normal playing venues and times. All teams will receive participation medallions at the end of their games.

Non-Competitive Age Groups U7 – U9

The non-competitive age groups U7-U9 have two rounds left of the regular season. All teams will receive participation trophies at the end of their games on February 24.

Competition Rule Reminders

Players not Registered or Not Paid

Last weekend teams with unregistered and not paid players were listed in red on the match cards. All these players/parents have been emailed several times this season regarding their registration status. They will not be allowed to play any further games until registered and paid. They will also not be receiving trophies or medallions. Please do not allow any player listed in red on the match card to play. Your team risks losing by forfeit if ineligible players take to the court.

Borrowing Players Rules

There have been numerous teams in breach of the borrowing players rules. Can you please read the rules below and ensure your team is not risking a game forfeit by borrowing ineligible players or too many players:

  • Only fully registered NCF futsal players are permitted to be used as borrowed players.
  • Players can only be borrowed from a younger age group or from a lower division in the same age group.
  • Players cannot be borrowed from another team in the same competition in which they are playing (this rule is under review for 2019/20 season).
  • A team who is borrowing players must have a minimum of three (3), and a maximum of five, of their own registered players playing in the match.
  • Teams borrowing players may only play with a maximum of six (6) players, including the borrowed players, in that match. Hence, if a team has three of its own players, it may borrow up to three players for the match, but if it has five of its own players, it may only borrow one player for the match.
  • A team is not permitted to borrow players if all their registered players are playing in the match.
  • A player may be borrowed up to a total of four (4) times throughout an entire season.
  • Borrowed players are not permitted to be used during finals series matches.
  • Breaches of the above ‘Borrowing of players’ rules will result in a forfeit being awarded to the non-offending team.

Player Eligibility for Finals

To be eligible for finals, players must be registered with that team and must have played a minimum of 5 games in the competition with the same team. Borrowed players are not permitted to be used during finals series matches.

Important Season Dates

  • Friday 22 and Sunday 24 February 2019 Last round of games (Round 12) which include semi-finals/play offs for competitive age groups. Presentation of participation trophies and medallions at end of games.
  • Friday 1 and Sunday 3 March 2019 Grand Finals for competitive age groups