2023-2024 Junior Futsal Season

Capital Football Running all Junior Futsal Competitions

We are excited to announce some futsal news for everyone. All junior futsal competitions will be run through Capital Football this season, but we will still be involved with the delivery of competitions to make sure they are being run to a quality that is consistent with our previous seasons’. To see all the details of the upcoming season, please go to the CF Junior Futsal website.

Capital Football are looking to grow the junior futsal space and create futsal pathways for all kids in Canberra. We believe in their mission and can’t wait to see how much futsal in Canberra changes. For all future communication regarding junior futsal competitions, please contact the Junior Futsal Services Officer, Blake Baldwin at blake.baldwin@capitalfootball.com.au.

As for us at North Canberra Futsal, we are focusing our time and energy into developing ourselves as a serious futsal club. Our North Fire Senior Men and Women futsal teams performed amazingly well last season in the Capital Futsal League, with both teams making grand finals and our men bring home the trophy. Coming off this success, we are going to expand into the junior space by hosting trials for under 12, 13, 14 and 15 teams. More details to be sent out to everyone soon.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes, please email us at northcanberrafutsal@gmail.com.