Simple Five Minute Warmup

Suitable for all kids from the age of 10 (for younger kids I recommend the “herding cats” approach). Stu Horyna, 15 October 2013.

  1. Working with a 10m x 10m square:
    • One lap walk around the square
    • Two laps jog around the square
  2. Line along one perimeter:
    • Butt kicks to other end and back
    • High knees to other end and back
    • Lunges to other end and back (focus on straight backs and not leaning too far forwards)
    • Karaoke to other end and back
    • Knuckle drag to other end
  3. Working inside the square – two teams keepings off (foot or hand passing). Rules:
    • Cannot move with the ball
    • Cannot push players
    • Must pass ball within 2 seconds
    • Any other variation you want to throw in
  4. Team one on one perimeter, team two opposite.
    • Kick pass from static position.